Can I enter Vietnam if I have not been vaccinated against Covid?


Can I enter Vietnam if I have not been vaccinated against Covid? – After the Covid pandemic, vaccine passports are considered an important document to provide when entering countries around the world. So what about Vietnam? In case foreigners who have not been vaccinated against Covid, can they enter Vietnam?


I would like to ask if my relatives who are not yet vaccinated against Covid can enter Vietnam If so, what procedures are needed for this case?

Son Lam (0909.211).***)



Hi Lam!

Thank you for your inquiry on Visatop’s Hotline:  0907.874.240. In case the foreign traveler has not received the Covid 19 vaccine, Visatop  would like to answer as follows:

What are the procedures for entering Vietnam that are not yet covered by the Covid vaccine?

From 16.3, the person entering Vietnam by air does not need to be confirmed to have received the Covid-19 vaccine, but must have tested negative for SARS-CoV-2.

For people entering by air, a SARS-CoV-2-negative test result (except for children under 2 years of age) is required prior to depart within 72 hours if using the RT-PCR/RT-LAMP method or within 24 hours if using the SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen test method; and certified by the competent national authority.

For cases of entry by road, waterway or rail, the Ministry of Health shall instruct there must be the same tests as for air entry (except for children under 2 years of age).

Above is Visatop’s answer to the question “Is it possible to enter Vietnam without the Covid vaccine?” Hopefully the above article will help you.

If you have difficulty applying for visa to enter  Vietnam for   foreigners, contact Visatop at Hotline 0907.874.240 or   08.666.777.35 for timely assistance, saving the maximum amount of time.With professional staff, more than 15 years of industry experience, Visatop is one of the prestigious agencies that support the consulting of Vietnamese visa application and extension services for foreigners.


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