Can foreigners apply for work permit when they do not have a University degree?

Can foreigners apply for work permit when they do not have a University degree?

Can foreigners apply for work permit when they do not have a University degree? – Foreigners wishing to work in an expert position must have a Vietnamese work permit. However, can foreigners apply for work permit without a university degree?


Hello, Visatop!

I have a question, can Germans without experience and university degrees who are sponsored by the German Language Center in Vietnam to work as German teachers apply for a work permit? What are the procedures to apply for a work permit for Germans? Thank you!

Thien Huong (thienhuong_sarta**



Hi, Thien Huong!

Thank you for your letter to Visatop. About your questions, applying for work permit when foreigners do not have a University degree, we would like to provide you with the following information:

Regulations on granting work permits for foreigners

According to the regulations, the professional who is a foreign worker is in one of the following cases:

1) Having written confirmation of being an expert of an agency, organization or enterprise in a foreign country;

2) Holding a university degree or equivalent and having at least 03 years of experience in a specialized field of study suitable to the job position in which the foreign worker is expected to work in Vietnam; In special cases, the Prime Minister shall consider and decide.


Note when applying for a work permit without a University degree

Thus, university degrees and certificates of experience are important documents to help foreigners apply for work permits in professional positions.

Applying to the German in the letter of Thien Huong to Visatop, foreigner workers without university degree, they still apply for a work permit but in the position of an employee rather than a teacher.

Visatop supports foreigners without a certification for a work permit

Visatop is not only assisting foreigners in translation, notarization, consular legalization, temporary residence card making, Vietnam visa extension, entry procedures, 5-year visa exemption but also  is one of the “prestigious addresses” with professional work permit team.

The above is Visatop’s answer on the case of foreigners applying for work permit when they do not have a university degree? Visatop not only thoroughly advises and assists in handling all work permit applications, but also has leading experts in advising and assisting businesses to apply for work permits for professionals, including those without university degrees and experience.

So, pick up the phone and call Visatop for free advice and assistance to apply a work permit for foreign professionals. Visatop commits that once we receive the documents, 100% the work permit will be in your hands.

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