How to make the Business visa extension with a sponsor company?

How to make the Business visa extension with a sponsor company? – Business visa is about to expire but foreigners who still want to stay in Vietnam, they need to apply for a Business visa. So, how to the Business visa extension with a sponsor company?


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Please advise me on the information of Business visa extension with a sponsor company for stay of 90 days. Thank you!

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Regarding the issue of Business visa extension for foreigners, Visatop would like to share the following information for you:

What is a Vietnam Business visa?

A Business  visa, also known as a corporate visa, or an investment visa is a type of visa for foreigners to enter Vietnam for the purpose of commercial, investment or business cooperation, in association with domestic enterprises.

The duration of the Vietnam commercial visa is valid for a maximum of 1 year and each entry must not exceed 30 days. Especially, when owning a Vietnam commercial visa for a period of 1 month or 3 months, foreigners do not need to apply for a Vietnam work permit.

Conditions for renewal of Business visa

Business visa extension is a visa extension for foreigners working in Vietnam. Currently, in order to renew this visa, foreigners need the following conditions:

– The passport must have a longer term than the intended extension period of at least 1 year

– The visa in use must be properly guaranteed by the company.

– Being temporarily residing in Vietnam and having declared temporary residence according to regulations.

Currently, the renewal of Business visa for foreigners is difficult because of lack of flexibility and complicated procedures. The preparation of the documentation is based on the specific circumstances in order to provide the documents accordingly.

Procedures for renewal of Business visa for foreigners

– Documentation of the organization, the guarantee company.

Operating documents of that organization: Business registration, investment certificate,…

If you have already submitted an application, you do not need them

– The documents of foreigners who need to renew their visas

  • The original passport
  • Visas in use
  • Temporary residence declaration

– Visa renewal application form

  • NA5 form.
  • Letter of introduction of the person making the application.
  • A letter explaining the reason for the need to extend the visa

If the foreigner is in provinces and cities (not HCMC), it is mandatory to prepare additional form of approval letter for employing foreign workers

For the guarantors or foreigners who want to renew the Vietnam Business visa, when applying for documents on their own and preparing the application to the authorities, both take time to travel and are not sure of the valid application. But when choosing Visatop visa extension service for foreigners, you do not need to worry about any documents, legal procedures.

Visatop will always accompany customers, bring satisfaction in terms of results, and help businesses and foreigners save the maximum cost when they want to renew their Vietnam Business visa as well as carry out other legal procedures.

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