Can I apply for a Vietnam tourist visa for Syrian citizens?


Can I apply for a Vietnam tourist visa for Syrian citizens? – Applying for a Vietnamese tourist visa for Syrian citizenship is a quite complicated process because Syria is one of the countries on the list of “difficult citizenship”. So how to apply for a Vietnamese tourist visa for Syrian citizens?


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I have a friend from Syria. He plans to go to Vietnam to visit me and travel. May I ask how to apply for a visa? How long does it take to get a visa for him to plan? Expect an answer from Visatop.



Is it possible to get Vietnam tourist visa for Syrian citizens?

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Thank you for choosing Visatop as your place to contact and advise on Vietnamese entry procedures. In response to your query, visa specialists would like to send the following information to you:

As described above, Syria is a country on the list of “difficult citizenship” to apply for a Vietnamese visa. Therefore, it is very difficult to get a Vietnamese visa for the citizens of these countries and it takes a lot of time to get a visa.

For guests with difficult nationalities, it is imperative to carry out Vietnam visa procedures before they enter Vietnam, which is recommended to ensure safety when entering Vietnam.

Unable to apply for a Vietnamese tourist visa for Syrian citizens

How to apply for a Vietnamese tourist visa for Syrian citizens?

Currently, Syria is not in the list of 80 countries that have been granted a  Vietnam E-visa and have not been granted a visa by Vietnam under the self-sufficient tourist. Therefore, Syrian citizens who want to enter Vietnam are required to inform an organization or enterprise in Vietnam that is supposed to carry out the procedures for guaranteeing a  letter of  entry for   foreigners in the DN1  category. (Vietnam work visa).With this type of visa, Syrian tourists can stay up to 3 months under the management of the host company.

Dossier to apply for an entry letter for Syrians under DN1

Preparation of documents and procedures shall be carried out to guarantee the entry of Syrians into Vietnam through the guarantor units. These units can do this by themselves by submitting the application for the official letter to guarantee the Syrians to enter Vietnam.

Dossier to apply for a letter of guarantee for Syrians to enter Vietnam include:

– A scanned copy of the passport of the Syrians who wants to enter Vietnam.

Expected date of entry

– Visa stamped place.

–– For the visa application to Vietnam to work, it is necessary to prepare more: a scanned copy the business registration of the guarantor.

Within 5 working days if the approval is granted, the Immigration Department will issue a written response to the Syrian person’s approval to enter Vietnam.

Hopefully, this article has helped you answer the question: Can you apply for a Vietnamese tourist visa for Syrian citizens? Any questions about procedures and documents related to entry and exit,  Vietnamese  visa application for   foreigners, visa extension, please contact Visatop for a quick answer.


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